Wednesday 16th – I’m Feelin’ Goooooooood!!

Breakfast – (you’ve guest it) Oatmeal, whey, table spoonful of peanut butter & hot low-fat milk

Snack 1 – Raw carrot

Lunch – Two slices of wholemeal bread, 1 breast of chicken, thin-cut slice of cheese & a table spoonful of mayo

Snack 2 – Apple

Dinner – Omelet; 4 eggs, 1 breast of chicken, handful of mushrooms & a thin-cut slice of cheese.

Snack 3 – Blueberry Yogurt & a star fruit

Workout Update

I am really enjoying my strength training, this week I have pumped up to doing my circuit 3 times in one session (doing 3 sessions per week).

I wish I could say the same about my cardio.  Monday’s cardio didn’t happen in the morning (nor when I came home from work). I am determined to get into the cardio on the days when I am not strength training.  So tonight I am going to get to bed early to I can get up and steam roll my cardio!  (May the force be with you! ……because no one else will, ha ha!)

So What is My Goal?

To be honest with you, I already have a goal for my weight loss. I am guessing that it is fear of failing that has stopped me from revealing it to you.

This blog is for accountability and I also hope I can inspire and encourage others to take the challenge to sweat and burn off the bulk of blubber and depression that they too are carrying.

I made a promise to myself to be completely honest with everyone on this blog; so before I get cold feet, here is my goal.

I am currently (based on my first weigh in) 137kg / 302lbs / 21.5st and I am 5ft 11inches tall, so I have set my first goal at 100kg / 220lbs / 15.7st and a waste-to-hip ratio of 0.92

When I reach this goal I will evaluate further and then set new goals. To me this goal is challenging enough and still realistic.

So I have done it, this is my goal and I am going to be disciplined until the job is done!

2nd Weight In Approaching

I look at Wednesday as the top of the hill; when it’s over the rest of the week is just down hill after that. I am a little nervous about my 2nd weigh in. I feel different, better, healthier…… but I am apprehensive about the results. My wife is good she has hid the measuring tape and scales from me, if not I’d be at them every day (and after every bomb drop, yuck!).

This is the first time I have pushed myself so hard. I guess I am very pessimistic due to a few factors; one my metabolism is near lifeless (the favorite sentence of all obese people) and I’m still haunted by the time when I fasted (for spiritual reasons) one whole week (8 days in fact) and I went for a 4 mile jog every morning with a friend. My intentions for fasting were not to lose weight, but after the 8 days I hopped on the scales and I had lost 1 lbs!

Well here’s to moving forward it’s still early days yet in my disciplined journey to a better and healthier life.