Workout Update – Bulking Up

Strength training workout is going well, I can’t say the same about my cardio workout.  I am going to be intensifying my strength training program over the weekend so I can start Monday from a higher altitude.

I have been doing the same strength training workout for the passed what, coming up 3 and a half weeks (this Friday).  I feel this week that my muscles are already too use to the program.  Time to step it up a little.

No for the dreaded cardio ::shreak!:: I don’t have a worth while excuse for not doing this other than the exercise bike seat feels like a razor blade and currently I don’t have the cash to buy a mountain bike ::sniff, sniff:: 

I am going to build myself up to get on the razor blade starting on Tuesday and pushing through three sessions next week; doing my cardio workouts on alternate days (then at the end of the week lets see if I have any buttocks left to continue).

I am feeling a lot of changes in my body.  The fat around my stomach has really become softer (my wife can confirm this) and of course I am feeling new muscles that I never knew I had.  Also feeling much more energetic and loving life.

I am really optimistic about my progress and I know that I can continue to discipline myself and win my 100kg prize!


4 Responses

  1. Hey Andrew, good work on the weights and firming up. All that new muscle will surely help you lose the fat. Instead of static cardio (doing the same pace for 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes) try interval training. There are quite a few studies that have shown that interval training is the most effective way to burn off the belly fat, and you don’t have to do it as long. I do 13 minute and 20 minute sessions (usually 2 of each) throughout the week and it’s working for me. So, less time running/biking and more fat burned. Good luck.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Tell me more about this ‘interval training’ i am not familiar with it?


  3. Here’s a link to a good explanation –

    The author of the article is the same guy (Craig) who put together the Men’s Health Belly Off program that Slosh and I are doing. Your workout sounds great, I just thought I’d give you a heads up on interval training.

    Here’s another short article –

  4. Hi Steve, I really appreciate the heads up on this, I’m always ready to learn something new!

    Thanks mate!


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