Home Abs Workout

Here is a cool abs workout that I found on the you know what tube that I’d like to share with you all. He’s a big bulky guy ::git!::

Revenge Of The Tummy Munches!

Oh no they are back! I have had the worst tummy munches today. I have had to put up a fight today, this has been the worst I have been since I have started my fat busting mission. My wife had to pry open my mouth to get a pillow out this morning; I was having a dream about ice cream! ::sigh::

And by lunch time I was thinking about Pizza Hut ::AAHHHH!!!!:: Hot melted cheese with ……. ::AAHHHH!!!!:: That’s one of the bad things about Indonesia, I can get an extra large Pizza Hut pizza with extra cheese, toppings and delivery costs for about £2.64 ($5) 😛 that’s just tempting me! How can I make a valid excuse that it’s too expensive. ::sigh:: And my helpful wife keeps humming the Pizza Hut tune from the commercial ::grrrr!::

I am resisting the urges too feed! ::sigh:: I hope I’ll reach the end of the day. I am going to sit down and watch a movie to pass the time away.

I have a big glass of ice cold water, so lets toast to scratchy hungry tummies and a good nights sleep.

Saturday, Jan 26th – AAAHHHHH!!!!

Breakfast – oatmeal, table spoonful of peanut butter & hot low-fat milk

Snack 1 – apple

Lunch – two slices of whole meal bread, 1 breast of chicken, mayo & a thin-cut slice of cheese

Snack 2 – low-fat blueberry yogurt

Dinner – Rendang (Indonesian beef stew) with mixed vegetables and rice (My once a week free meal)

Snack 3 – oatmeal, peanut butter & hot low-fat milk

Snack 4 – 1 star fruit

Ok and I am now going off to sew my lips together!!! ::cries::