The Overloading Principle

I have been trying the overloading principle this week. If we put our bodies under pressure or challenge it, it starts to change to meet that challenge. If we have a workout plan and we keep doing it for weeks then our body will adapt and get use to that workout.

In the new Men’s Health book Power Training (which I have yet to find & buy) they suggest changing something in our workout every time we go to workout. No big dramatic changes but build it up, never doing exactly the same workout twice.

This week I have been tried these variations;

  • Monday’s workout I took out all the stops (stretching before my workout) and pressed through my 45 minute in only 30 minutes.
  • Wednesday I still did my stretching but before my workout and during that workout I used slower motions to build up the tension on my muscles.
  • Today’s (Friday) workout I upped my reps from 12 to 15.

Let’s see after a good nights sleep tonight will do. But I can tell you I am feeling it, bulky but in a good way. Any more suggestions would be much appreciated, if you have any stick them in a comment.


2 Responses

  1. I am Japanese.
    I am interested in your article and enjoyed your blog!
    Please keep it for us.
    Thank you!

  2. Hey thank you for your comment. It is really encouraging. Keep a look out and I will continue to update DOR daily.

    Take care,

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