Pumping Up: Back Muscles & Old Man Quads

I have just finished my morning workout, and like I said I upped my reps from 8 to 10 this morning and I am feeling it (all over!).

When I started on Monday with the added dumbbell weights I had it in mind to really focus on my form when doing my back and legs; the bigger the muscle the bigger fat burn.  I feel that I accomplished this and boy did my quads let me know!  Yesterday I was walking around like an old man as my quads ached.

I made sure that I got a good nights sleep on Monday and last night so I would be able to push through this morning’s workout.  I slept in, waking up at about 4:23am I jumped into action, completely forgetting about my pre-workout stretching.

I will have fallowed the workout that I am on now for 3 weeks this Friday.  I am considering changing it for next week to keep my variations in motion for each workout that I do.  Well more about that when i change it over the weekend.

So this Friday I will nudge my reps up again to 12.

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