Snack Slashing & Timed Munching For Fat Burning

I got myself a copy of the Men’s Health Training Guide 2008 and was reading an overview of the TNT Diet plan (Which I have yet to find available here in Indonesia.)


The TNT diet is about eating the right things at the right time. The TNT diet has got three time zones, which you can apply to your workout goals. These time zones are;

  • Fat Burning; a low-carb diet to rev up your bodies fat-burning engines
  • Reloading; a high-carb diet for muscle building
  • Muscle-Building; nutrition based to help you speed up muscle growth and recovery time

I am (obviously) interested in the fat burning zone, which has led me to do a little bit of online digging and reviewing of my current eating.

Currently I am eating 3 meals; breakfast, lunch & dinner and 3 snacks per day. I am looking at adjusting this to assist in my fat burning goals.

What I plan on doing next week is slashing my last snack from the menu and then timing my meals and snacks more carefully. What I have been doing with my meals so far is eating when I can, I had no set time. Only that my third snack had to be eaten before 7pm.

This is what I am planing;

Breakfast = 5:30am

Snack 1 = 9:00am

Lunch = 11:30am

Snack 2 = 2:00pm

Dinner = 5:00pm

I will also be aiming to drink about 2.5 to 3 liters of chilled water per day. If any one as any further suggestions for my fat burning goals and how I can adjust my eating or workout, please leave me a comment.

3 Responses

  1. Best of luck with TNT! I just started this week. What does your workout look like? When are you doing it?

    Best of luck with all of your goals!

  2. Hi Jay, I am following the little that I know about the TNT program at the moment. My book is in the post and I should receive it maybe next week.

    Thanks for the encouragement, it is greatly appreciated!

    Take care,

  3. Very good and useful post.
    I add your interesting blog in my Google Reader! 😉

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