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Ok so I am starting this blog because I am another unhappy fat person. I am mostly doing this to be held accountable. Accountably can be a great thing to guide us on a quest to a better life. “None of us are as great as all of us!”

My name is Andrew Scott and I’m, 29 years old and currently living in Indonesia. I am happily married and have a 10 month old son.

I was born in Scotland, and as far as I can remember have always been causing eclipses. Growing up I never took part in sports much, as I had no confidence; people’s cruelty had destroyed that.

During high school I had been to the dietitian and tried to follow their instructions to lose weight by not eating between meals and regular exercise (mainly cardio) and to no avail. I kind of gave up thinking this is who I was meant to be and there was nothing that I could do about it.

When I was 17 my parents divorced and I moved with my mum and sister to Ireland. I started working in a supermarket; starting at the bottom of the food chain.

I soon made friends and was out boozing and partying like the Tasmanian Devil on speed. Glass of beer after glass of beer went down to drown myself in my darkness within, followed by a stagger to a pizza cue or any fast food joint that was on my crawl home. I piled on the weight and the depression and smoked my lungs to blackness.

Without any transport I was hitchhiking it to work every day which was about 6 miles (over 9 km) to work and then hitching it home again at nights. Then the bitter West of Ireland winters creped in so I decided to buy myself a bike.

So after coughing my lungs up and down that hilly six mile stretch I was getting use to cycling and it turned into a hobby. At first I shifted a few pounds and was looking and feeling good, now I was still boozing and eating like a……. Scottish person knows how. Then I got a break, I went for an interview for a computer company and got the job. I had the money to move out of home and I moved into an apartment with a good work mate of mine. As the office was exactly a 5 minute walk then bike became a clothes horse in my room.

Now I was a happy, independent boozer! Let the beer flow and the smoke bellow; and it did!

Those few pounds I lost from cycling crept back on and then some.

When I moved from the West of Ireland to the South (near Dublin) I started to have a new interest in losing weight again and boy did I try it all; starving, Slim-Fast, fruit diets, juice diets, Atikin’s diet and pills galore. I cycled miles and miles over the Ox mountains and the hills of County Wicklow one day I remember setting off at 7am and returning at 11pm after an 84 mile cycle.

Nothing worked.

After coming over to Indonesia, I met Susan and we got married back in July 2005. I hated those wedding photos! Then on April 2007 at 10:57pm the little head, body and legs of my son, Daniel came into the world. There is nothing like a family to give a man something to live for.

And now here I am, looking 10 years into the future when I take a massive heart attack…… no way! That’s not how I check out! I ain’t going out like that.

It’s time to think for myself, it’s time to educate myself about my body and the foods that I eat and how exercise effects it. And that’s what I did, for months I read and asked people and read some more. Then the time comes when all that knowledge has to be turned into actions to be come wisdom. I had to initiate all the information I had, and I am.

And now I am also evaluating my progress to strengthen my efforts and outcomes. I am changing, and I am fighting.

I am embracing the pain of discipline because I don’t want to suffer the pain of regret! As you follow this blog, I will be 100% honest with what I am doing and you will see that I WILL reach my goal and I WILL fight the fat and WIN!

My equasion for success; educate, initiate & evaluate = success!




7 Responses

  1. Hi Andrew. I stumbled across your blog and thought I’d drop a quick note. I wish you all the best in your efforts to change your life. I can’t wait to see how you do.

  2. Thanks Stave, I had a look at ‘no more fat dad’ and I too will be keeping a look out there.

    So here’s to no more fat dads!


  3. Andrew, I visited your blog after seeing your message on my own. Let me say that I am so proud of you, even without knowing you. I’ve never been obese, just fluffy at times, but there are many people in my life who struggle with large numbers. I, like many people, was at one time ready to frown at fat people (though never laughing) and decide that they were lazy and didn’t care about themselves. Through my heavier friends and family, and constant education I’ve come to feel differently. Thus my goal to be a personal trainer. I find the taunting, the giggles, the stares to be extremely offensive. Reading of your days in school brought a tear to my eye.

    I wish you so much luck in what you are doing, and I commend the progress you’ve already made in such a short time. I’m going to check in here daily. You’ve got my support, mate.

    Just one thing, though…my nickname is spelled Slosh…but thanks for adding the link to my page.

  4. Hey Andrew! love the page! you motivate me, i wanna make one like it lol i have to lose 60 pounds i’m gonna follow some advice from ur page to see where it gets me this is a really good idea to keep motivated i wish you the best! stay motivated! 🙂 God bless

  5. Hey Vanessa, it’s great to get your comment. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your blog when you get it up and running. We can encourage each other.

    Take care & God bless you too,

  6. I stumbled upon your page today and I am glad I did.
    I rededicated myself to getting into the best shape of my life about 3 weeks ago. I live in California but am originally from Maryland. I had to go home 3 weeks ago because my mother is very ill from the effects of Diabetes. She had her leg amputated and is not doing well. She is now on life support. Her type 2 diabetes came on about 20 years ago. Back then she could have changed her life if she had lost weight. She has severe arthritis, she is legally blind in one eye, she had a toe and partial foot amputated years ago, she now has heart disease, and this last stint in the hospital she went through renal failure and is now on dialysis along with an amputated leg. My mom is probably going to die very soon and she is only 62.

    My 10 year old daughter went with me and I explained that these issues come from not eating healthy. My 20 year old son is very thin and eats healthy, but my daughter is overweight in the belly area. My husband is also overweight in the belly area and is Diabetic. I am so committed to getting us in shape and your blog is the continued inspiration. I am doing well, I have lost about 7 pounds (I am just trying to do it slowly and in a healthy manner) eating 5 small meals a day and drinking lots of water. In high school I got very thin quickly eating 1 meal a day. This was a mistake. Of course I gained that back plus some.

    I will continue to visit your blog. Best of luck! I know you (we) can do it! 🙂

  7. Hi Kyna,

    I’m sorry to hear about your mother, Susan and I will keep her in our prayers.

    I am excited about the 7 pounds that you lost. Your steps to change your lives will affect your children. Especially when they can see the results. It will teach you all (as I am experiencing) how to discipline yourself not only to lose weight but you can transfer this discipline into other areas of your life.

    My son, Daniel will be 10 months old on the 20th (Feb 08) and when he is older I don’t want him to see my like this. I want to be a fit and healthy dad, full of confidence, not embarrassed to take him swimming, able play sports with him, and run around non-stop, etc.

    And for my wife, er she likes the fact that my love handles are disappearing.

    And for me, wow I am feeling so much energy and confidence coming on. I am now excited about working out and learning about what food will do in my body, I have developed a lifelong habit (I believe).

    So we are going to fight the fat and WIN, right? I look forward to hearing from you again and your progress.

    Take care,

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