Five Signs That You’re Addicted to Weight Lifting

1. Playing with your baby/small child; this is a particularly sad way of taking advantage of a baby’s compact size and weight. Lying on your bed or on the living-room floor playing with your child for hour’s trills wives throughout the world, but not when all you play is Baby Bench Press! Yes, it’s true I have used Daniel to put in a few extra reps; but there’s a slight problem he’s only 9.2kg. So extra milk should be on his menu! The disadvantage of the Baby Beach Press is the wriggling, it’s hard to get the baby to see the serious advantages of this game, and there is also the drooling which can be quite messy. There is also a danger as your child gets older and heaver that you’ll need a spotter. That’s were older siblings can come in handy. But if this is your first child then you’ll just have to convince your wife to spot for you.

2. Dreaming about having a workout; wives throughout the world have become victim to black eyes due to this, although many wives have reported that continuous counting of reps is a lot better than airplane style snoring. Now a clear warning to all guys if you are dreaming about working out then choose your best buddy (another male) to be your training assistant, as calling out a female singer, actor’s name in your sleep will result in a quick slap (in a place we wont mention) and then you’ll be dragged off to marriage counseling for hours on end. And you don’t want that do you? Just think of all the workout time you’d miss! It’s also not a good idea to call out your best buddy’s name in your sleep too, maybe I would be a better idea to workout alone when dreaming.

3. Boring the pants off every one by talking about weight lifting non-stop; now you need to realize it’s not you they hate but you need to widen you vocabulary a bit so every one doesn’t think you swallowed a volume of Men’s Health. Being sensitive is the key; you could be talking to a complete wimp who can’t even do 2 reps with a 5kg dumbbell. Also you need to be able to back up your verbal diarrhea with results. So if your spewing off at the mouth make sure that you really are serious and have goals. I am saying this because revenge is fun! Huh? All those people you bored to death with “it’s the latest weight lifting gear” crap are going to come down on you like a ton of bricks if after six months (or less) if you still look scrawny or a lard ass! Be warned! Talk the talk but walk the walk, or something like that.

4. Hundreds of weight lifting subscriptions fill your inbox weekly; here are some great places that you can get great weight lifting subscriptions;


5. Your wife is losing her temper with you as you spend a ton of money on equipment & supplements; ok now gear and supplements can get expensive, especially on top of all those magazine subscriptions. Here is a little ABC that can help you economize; (If any one has anything after C let me know, ok?)

A. If you have a baby or a small child they make great barbells, and they are free but be warned they are high maintenance.

B. In stead of tons of magazine subscriptions try going online and looking for fee electronic magazine subscriptions. See number five for more details.

C. That old mattress that has been in your garage for the last 5+ years take it out and dust it off. Now roll the mattress up and then get two belts (you should already have a few of these if you have parked a few pounds) and tie them at both ends. Now you have you self a bench for bench pressing and then stand it up and you have a punch bag, I was excited when I made this, ah er…..I mean I read about some one doing this before, a friend of mine, and I thought I’d share it with you ::blush::

Going Down & Going Up: Blood Pressure & Energy Levels

I am feeling so great at the moment that I have to tell you all about it! I hope that this encourages and inspires my fellow comrades in arms that are also in the war with the wobbly stuff.

I had my blood pressure tested today and I was glad to hear the nurse say , “130/80” so that is cool. Some of you will remember when I had my blood pressure checked a few weeks ago and it was at a vain popping 145/93!

[ I e-mailed someone this week, and this next part was inspired by that e-mail; you know who you are 😉 ]

After having lost 7.4kg (15.3lbs) and I am feeling that my energy levels have been boosted and my endurance while workout out has increased.

This extra energy boost has its advantages;

First of all my son Daniel is now over 10 months old, has 7 teeth and has become feral, which means that a quick burst of energy is needed in getting away from chomping (razor sharp) baby teeth. He just wants to test drive (through something) his munchers into anything within reach (namely my right armpit which he chewed into last night ::ouch!::).

Second of all I am a grade 4 English teacher, my students are about 9-10 years old and that means that they have enough energy to go to the moon and back, and I have to keep up. I am an active teacher and I rarely sit down when teaching. I have noticed that I am not feeling as tired as I normally would after a few hours teaching. Especially on Thursdays when I have a grilling 8 hour teaching schedule. Also a few comments from these little half-pints has been encouraging; “Mr. Andrew, you’re getting smaller”, “Mr. Andrew, you don’t look so tired this Thursday”. Now working with kids this young (that are Indonesian) for about 4 years I know that they mean what they say and they say what they mean and what am I saying… huh? Oh yeah, so that encourages me 🙂

And the third energy boost that I have noticed is with my wife and I. When Daniel is asleep and the mood is right…………..BEEEEEEEEEEP………….. [Transmission Lost]

One Long Night & An Even Quicker Morning!

I had one of those nights last night when you just can’t stop thinking about everything and anything. Thoughts of school, workout programs, blogs, family stuff, etc, etc kept buzzing around my head driving the night into the early hours.

I forgot when I fell asleep, and I opened my eyes and felt around for my phone to see what time it was and 4:57am glowed into my sleepy eyes, it took until 5:02am for me to realise that I wasn’t dreaming.

I shot out of bed like a burning turtle and hopped into my workout gear and started pounding away completely screwing up everything I tried; I was counting through my raised knee-ins and split squats forgetting that there are both sides to do and slopping through the saxon side bend like a kid taking a poke at a chocolate cake.

It was a disaster folks, and at the end of my 2nd circuit I lay there on the floor with a 6.5kg (14.3lbs) dumbbell on my chest not able to move. I was spent and I called it quits.

I sped off to school on my motorbike with a face on me like a battered fart, thinking “why did you quit ya git!”

By lunchtime I was thinking that one off day in 45 is not a bad record, and even though my intervals are not until tomorrow I’m going to go for a spin on the exercise bike when I get home.

It won’t be long before its Wednesday and maybe on Tuesday night I can have a quarter bottle of vodka if I am finding it hard to sleep ::grins::

Its not the end of the world and at least I managed 2 circuits and alls good! I am still moving forward, this is the kind of fun we face with the pain of discipline.

Tomorrow’s Weigh-in & Tonight’s Love’n

I am a bit nervous about tomorrows weigh-in. I have to get it into my head that it’s not all about the scales, as I am building muscle. I am trying to keep motivated by the waist-to-hip ratio and I am wishing Feb 22nd would come quick for my next progress photo; my wife says that I will be surprised.

So for tomorrow’s workout I will up my reps to 12 again (still with the new dumbbell weight) and power through it in 30 minutes. I must remember to do my stretching before the workout. I always get so excited to get stuck into the workout that everything else gets lost.

I want to sell my exercise bike and buy a real bike, I can go onto in the neighborhood here which is safe and clan. There is a lot of waste ground that I could rip around on. I’ll get the word out and see if I can sell it quick.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all readers!

Susan and I are very tired and Daniel has funnily enough gone to sleep early…….so…….good night…….. Whooooooosh! ::GONE!::

One Month of Discipline & an Overloading Brain Fart

Brain Fart: combustion of brain gases that gives a great idea for about 2-3 seconds; it is advisable to write down the idea as soon as possible before it is lost forever.

So Discipline or Regret is a month old today. I am so excited at my progress and development so far, I still have a long way to go.

For the first time in my heavy existence I am changing my body. My arms are harder and toned, my legs are getting solid and my upper back is getting bulky and also well toned. My chest and abs are still buried under a keg but I can feel them, as I said it’s still early days.

I just want to thank the people who have commented and encouraged me over this 1st month (keep it coming 🙂). I would especially like to thank; Slosh, Steve & Stan for their friendship, encouragement and advice.

Ok back to the brain fart. I would have been putting all my eggs in the one basket this week by increasing my dumbbell weight and keeping to my 12 reps. My brain fart was this; the overloading principle is built on slight changes each workout , so to make each workout different this week I have decided to do it like this.

All workouts will be with the new dumbbell weights; 18kg (39.6lbs)

  1. Monday- from the Squats with dumbbells to the Tricep Press-Ups I will do 8 reps
  2. Wednesday- again from Squats with dumbbells to the Tricep Press-Ups I will do 10 reps
  3. Friday- yet again from Squats with dumbbells to the Tricep Press-Ups I will go back to my 12 reps

This gives me a variation for each strength training workout this week.

Motives Are Important

After all my past failed attempts to lose weight one thing that I know that also caused me to fail was my motives. We can have many motives for losing weight. Speaking for myself; my motive was always purely to be accepted by others and not ridiculed.

The wrong motive.

Now I am (kind of) doing it for myself……..Kind of? Being obese you are at a far higher risk of having a heart attack, heart disease, diabetes, etc. There are many illnesses and diseases linked with obesity.

I am a husband…

I am a father…

In July I will have been married for 3 years…… do I want to check out after being married for only 13 years? My son will be 10 months old on the 2oth of February….. do I want to check out before his 10th birthday?

NO & NO!!

Am I losing weight for my family? ….. again, no!

I am losing weight and becoming a stronger person and a more disciplined person for ME! I don’t want to leave the two things that mean more to me than anything in this world. I want to grow old with my wife and when we have accomplished the work God designed us for then we’ll check out! I want to see my son grow into a man and have a family too.

“Ohhhh!! He’s only lost 5kg (11lbs) and he’s getting ahead of himself.”

It’s called ‘hanging it all out!’ You should try it. I am trying to make myself SO accountable that I have to live up to my words. Lets add some more….. mmmmm let me think.. ok If I quit before my goal of 100kgs (220lbs) I’ll ……. mmmmm eat a plate of worms and put it on YouTube ok? Now I’ve really stuck myself in there! ::wipes sweat off forehead::

This is what motivates me;

My Wife


My Son

Workout Addiction & A Disease Called Ignorance

I am feeling so good today. I am really feeling my muscles this week as I made that adjustment to do my stretches before my workout and then power through my three circuits in 30 minutes, I am feeling the effects already.

I am so addicted to my workouts now that it’s hard to wait out my rest days. But I need to resist, and I know that while I am resting and sleeping my muscles are reinventing themselves bigger and bulkier!

I was on Yahoo Answers today and the amount of people that are trying to lose weight too fast or attempting diets that will probably cause them to fail (and even be a lot worse off than when they started), I went on a rampage answering all the questions about fad diets and losing weight too fast. They all reminded me of myself not so long ago. Ignorance is an awful a disease!

Get Good Sleep to Build Those Muscles

One major way that strength training leaves cardio lagging behind is the fact that you can keep burning fat and building muscles long after your workout. As you finish a cardio workout your body will also stop burning off the calories.

In fact when we are slogging through our workouts we are not building up muscles we are actually tearing them, yep that’s right a tear. Then it’s during rest and sleep that our bodies heal these small tears all over our muscles and they are bigger once healed.

This is why it’s not good to do a strength training workout everyday (working the same muscle groups) as you don’t give your body the time it needs to heal. From my digging around I have found that most experienced people (bodybuilders and fitness instructors) would suggest 8 hours sleep a night or some have said that they take an afternoon nap.

Overtraining sounds so strange to me, before I would have said “the more, the better!”, but this is not the case. If you don’t have sufficient sleep and/or not enough of a gap in between your workouts then it can actually cause you to not be able to sleep at night.

I remember (in the year 2000) slogging it away strength training from Monday to Friday at a gym (when I lived in Ireland) and eating next to nothing and my body changed very little and I couldn’t sleep at night. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, and the fitness instructors knew me and never said a thing, strange….. mmmmm that’s probably because they gave me the workout program! ::grrr::

So here is a summary that I came up with from my digging on successful strength training;

  • Regular strength training three times per week (with a day between each workout)
  • A healthy eating program (high in protein and varied so you can enjoy it and don’t get bored)
  • And plenty rest (8 hours sleep per night or an afternoon nap)

I’m Hungry, Mall Visit, I’m Hungry, Hard Work, I’m Hungry, Good Habits & I’m Still Hungry!

Today has been a bit of a struggle as I keep feeling hungry all the time. I eat and then after an hour or two I am hungry again. I took myself off to the mall to try and find some calipers so that I can measure my body fat. Muscle weighs more than fat so jumping on the scales is not giving any clear feedback.

After looking in 5 or 6 shops I was unsuccessful, I then tried going to Celebrity Fitness to see if they could help me work out my body fat; as much as I had expected they couldn’t help me as I would have to become a member first. I have had a bash at going to gyms in Indonesia and they were mostly all disasters.

In Indonesia I am called ‘bule’ (foreigner) and bule has lots of money (I wish), well that’s what most of the people here think. So going to the gym I get girls in tight gym gear falling in front of me or wanting me to show them how to work a machine (even though there are nearly 101 gym personnel ready to assist). Now you don’t have to tell me I ain’t no Tom Cruse but here bule = $$$ ::Ching, Ching:: and it’s very hard to get them to think differently. Now I am not saying that all Indonesian’s are like this. This is my experiences in gyms here in Indonesia.

So my little mall trip to find calipers was unsuccessful. As I was at the mall I got hungry and I passed by McD’s, A&W, PizzaHut and it wasn’t difficult. I have worked so hard at changing my lifestyle and all that food means nothing to me.

First of all getting up at 4am, I have always been a morning person (except when I’m not) but I had never got up at 4am before. I have developed this into a habit over the last 4 months and it’s not a struggle to get up.

Secondly my strength training workouts didn’t take off until I started doing them in the morning. Before I was trying to workout after work, I would come home tired and struggle through my program, some days not able to attempt anything. Doing my workout in the evenings was not working as I was unable to stay consistent.

My wife said to me one day “do your workouts in the mornings” and that was that. I am now consistent and I am developing it into a habit in my new lifestyle.  My muscles are clearly building up and my tummy consistency has changed from tough to a jelly like feel (my wife enjoyed discovering that).

I am not attracted to anything that is going to damage all the work that I have put in over the last 4 weeks. And I am still a long way from my goals and my life of discipline is just getting started.

I’m a Ticking Time Bomb

Here is another area that I need to change and the only way to change it is to lose weight. Going through school in Scotland as a fat kid you get beaten, made the class reject, etc. Over this time I have build up an inner fire reserved for those that dare to comment on my weight; kind of like putting a match to petrol.

If anyone mentions my weight I can’t bit my lip, I am going to explode and sumo plough (plow) that person with my words. As much as I try when someone (is stupid enough) to pass a comment I am going to retaliate. Now after my schooling years and I joined the rat race thanking God for harassment policies no one would normally say anything about any ones weight, height, race, religion, etc. So my beast was locked up, but not gone.

Then I ventured east, first to Singapore. We always hear about the east as ‘the place where people save face’, right? That is the case but not if you are fat, and especially if you are super fat like me.

I was in for a shock, and so were they…….

When I explode it’s like I form my response in about 0.1 seconds and I can hear myself speaking but I can restrain or stop myself.

In Asia I have been to Singapore, Malaysia and of course Indonesia and it seems to be the same culturally; passing comments to fat people or people with anything different from the norm.

I came to Asia with a mind set of;

“It’s not wrong, it’s just different”

And living by this has helped a lot and I had no (almost none) real culture shock, except these fire provoking comments.

Here are the top 5 comments that I have vented upon people that went into the hot zone;

1. (“You’re so fat”) “I am fat but I can change, but you are ugly and you will be forever!”

2. (“You’re so fat”) “You are calling me fat and you have ears like satellite dishes!”

3. (“How did you get so fat?”) “And my question for you is; were you born with a pigs face!” (In Indonesia calling someone a pig is the biggest insult.)

4. (“How did you get so fat?”) “How did your teeth get so black?” (He had big thick black teeth.)

5. (“Why don’t you lose weight?”) “And why don’t you go and choke on something?”

I don’t know how many times, and every time I feel as guilty as ever. They are right, but do they have to tell me? I mean do people think that I don’t know that I am fat that they have to tell me?

This is a part of me that I don’t like and I have tried to hold it down and bite my lip or stick my shoe in my mouth but 9 out of 10 times my shoe gets burned up and my piercing words go through people.

This is something that will go when I have won my fight with fat. I am guessing that it will go when people have nothing to comment on.