5th Weigh-in: Surprising Results

I am happy with this 5th weigh-in; every step forward to my goal is a step away from a life of regret. My weight has changed but surprisingly my waist and hip measurements have not changed.

Weight losses for this weigh-in: 1.4kg (2.3lbs)

Waist loss: 0

Hip loss: 0

So I am having a nice rest this weekend and I am powered up for tomorrow’s workout, bright and early!

Changing Weigh-in Date & My 8 Week Treat

I am going to be moving my weigh-in’s to the end of my workout cycle, witch will fall on a Sunday, fortnightly. So why am I doing this?

What I have been doing is weighing and measuring myself after my workout on Friday mornings. After a workout I have lost a lot of water and this is will effect the results. Ok call me picky but that’s reason number one why I am changing the date.

The second reason I am changing the date is because I want to weigh myself at the end of a workout cycle, which is Sunday morning.

So my next weigh-in will be on Sunday March 2nd 2008.

My eight week treat…

I haven’t had a blond in 8 weeks, ice cold and refreshing. So on Sunday night I will be indulging myself with one blond 😛

4th Weigh-in: Progress is Progress, Right?

I can’t say I’m happy with the weigh-in results, but progress is progress, right?  I thought that I had lost more off my waist and hips than one inch but hey, it’s something.

So on this 4th weigh-in I have lost 1kg (2.2lbs) – I’m trying not to focus on the scales too much.  And 1 inch off my waist and 1 inch off my hips.

Tonight I will be changing my workout and will probably update it tomorrow.

3rd WEIGH-IN – Going Down Sir?

I am really happy about my 3rd weigh-in, lost another 2kgs (5lbs) and I lost 2 inches off my waste and another 2 inches from my hips. I am a happy chap today!

No pain of discipline then no gain!

Weight = 132kg (290lbs)

Waste = 54 & Hip = 50

54 / 50 = 1.08

2nd WEIGH-IN – I Have To Keep Saying, “slow but sure”

Ok my weigh-in results are;

Weight = 134kg / 295lbs / 21st (A loss of 3kg / 7lbs / half a stone)

Waste (56) (loss of 1 inch) & Hip (52) (loss of 1 inch)

W56 / H52 = 1.09 (but some of the numbers after the 9 are changing so I guess that’s a good sign 😛 )

Hey in my opinion it’s slow, but it’s still progress and I am a little closer to my goal. It is still early days and I am resting now and ready to hit the weights again on Monday!

1st Weigh-in

Weight: 137 kg / 302 lbs / 21.5 st

Waste (57) divided by Hip (52) = 1.09

[As of the 4th of January 2008]