Cardio Resurrected: Tae Bo, Shadow Boxing & Invisible Skipping Ropes

Ok I have to say that I just finished a cardio workout that I actually enjoyed.  To start off I engaged in some Tae Bo which really got me in a sweat, but I think it would be better as an Abs Workout because it’s 1998 folks and I laughed hard!  This was ok, it got my heart pumping and my only difficulties were trying to do the left side of my body, I couldn’t keep in rhythm; arms and legs doing different things going in the opposite directions.  Have a look for yourself.

Next there was Shadow Boxing………er……… as I was indoors and there was no shadows, I imagined my old science teacher and then did 5 rounds with him.  It was kind of like the invisible man meets celebrity death match…… And I won, of course! Here is a crash corse in shadow boxing for you;

Then comes the invisible skipping rope (A.K.A Jumping on the spot), I felt quit silly and ….. er …. especially when I has holding cans of beans to represent the handles. (Thanks Slosh!). 

This cardio was fun and I need to go back and see the doctor again after seeing Billy Banks in skin tight shorts 😦

Cool Stretching Video

Here is quite a good stretching video that I found on You Tube.

It is very important to stretch before your workout to prevent injury.

Home Abs Workout

Here is a cool abs workout that I found on the you know what tube that I’d like to share with you all. He’s a big bulky guy ::git!::