My Choice

I have been big all my life. As far back as I can remember I have stood out from the crowed due to my large size. I have faced many attempts to loose the weight but failed in all of them.

I am now 29 and I am getting ready for another attempt at fighting the fat, but there is a difference. Now I am armed with knowledge about my body, nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, muscle groups, metabolism, etc.

I have educated myself about loosing weight and how my body is made-up. Before I would jump on a bike and cycle for miles, and miles! I would lift weights for weeks, starve myself, follow fad diets, all accomplished nothing. Some of them even caused me to increase in weight.

Approaching 30, married to a beautiful woman and becoming a dad with a little 9 month old son; these are the things that have caused me to look harder into what the future holds for me.

With a BMI of 39.2 (49kg over weight) I could be in for a shocking and short future. I was told that I could have a heart attack in about 10 years time. Not to bright, huh?

So it’s time for action. It’s time for a choice. There are only two choices for me to make, the pain of discipline to live a healthy active life and lose weight gradually and consistently OR the pain or regret, and maybe be snuffed out of the rat race earlier than planned.

Discipline has a time span, but regret is relentless and chews away at us, maybe through until the next life too.

I want to choose the first choice, before it’s too late.

My little family and I


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