Going Down & Going Up: Blood Pressure & Energy Levels

I am feeling so great at the moment that I have to tell you all about it! I hope that this encourages and inspires my fellow comrades in arms that are also in the war with the wobbly stuff.

I had my blood pressure tested today and I was glad to hear the nurse say , “130/80” so that is cool. Some of you will remember when I had my blood pressure checked a few weeks ago and it was at a vain popping 145/93!

[ I e-mailed someone this week, and this next part was inspired by that e-mail; you know who you are 😉 ]

After having lost 7.4kg (15.3lbs) and I am feeling that my energy levels have been boosted and my endurance while workout out has increased.

This extra energy boost has its advantages;

First of all my son Daniel is now over 10 months old, has 7 teeth and has become feral, which means that a quick burst of energy is needed in getting away from chomping (razor sharp) baby teeth. He just wants to test drive (through something) his munchers into anything within reach (namely my right armpit which he chewed into last night ::ouch!::).

Second of all I am a grade 4 English teacher, my students are about 9-10 years old and that means that they have enough energy to go to the moon and back, and I have to keep up. I am an active teacher and I rarely sit down when teaching. I have noticed that I am not feeling as tired as I normally would after a few hours teaching. Especially on Thursdays when I have a grilling 8 hour teaching schedule. Also a few comments from these little half-pints has been encouraging; “Mr. Andrew, you’re getting smaller”, “Mr. Andrew, you don’t look so tired this Thursday”. Now working with kids this young (that are Indonesian) for about 4 years I know that they mean what they say and they say what they mean and what am I saying… huh? Oh yeah, so that encourages me 🙂

And the third energy boost that I have noticed is with my wife and I. When Daniel is asleep and the mood is right…………..BEEEEEEEEEEP………….. [Transmission Lost]