One Long Night & An Even Quicker Morning!

I had one of those nights last night when you just can’t stop thinking about everything and anything. Thoughts of school, workout programs, blogs, family stuff, etc, etc kept buzzing around my head driving the night into the early hours.

I forgot when I fell asleep, and I opened my eyes and felt around for my phone to see what time it was and 4:57am glowed into my sleepy eyes, it took until 5:02am for me to realise that I wasn’t dreaming.

I shot out of bed like a burning turtle and hopped into my workout gear and started pounding away completely screwing up everything I tried; I was counting through my raised knee-ins and split squats forgetting that there are both sides to do and slopping through the saxon side bend like a kid taking a poke at a chocolate cake.

It was a disaster folks, and at the end of my 2nd circuit I lay there on the floor with a 6.5kg (14.3lbs) dumbbell on my chest not able to move. I was spent and I called it quits.

I sped off to school on my motorbike with a face on me like a battered fart, thinking “why did you quit ya git!”

By lunchtime I was thinking that one off day in 45 is not a bad record, and even though my intervals are not until tomorrow I’m going to go for a spin on the exercise bike when I get home.

It won’t be long before its Wednesday and maybe on Tuesday night I can have a quarter bottle of vodka if I am finding it hard to sleep ::grins::

Its not the end of the world and at least I managed 2 circuits and alls good! I am still moving forward, this is the kind of fun we face with the pain of discipline.

February’s Progress Photo & New Cardio Plan (Yet Again!)

I am not that happy with February’s progress photo.  I am happy with the progress that I made but in January’s photo I wore the wrong clothes.  Anyway I have corrected it now.

On the left hand side you’ll see January’s photo along with the new one I took today. I have also taken another photo with a tighter top so progress will be more noticeable in the months ahead.

A New Cardio Plan

As much as I hate cardo I know that it will determine the effectiveness of my whole workout routine.  I have been digging again and looking for something that I will enjoy doing and will help burn fat without disrupting my muscle recovery time too much.

Interval Training; on my exercise bike I will go as fast as I can for 20 seconds, then a 20 second pause (this is one set) 6x

Yoga; yes that’s right you heard (read) me right, I am going to try yoga as part of my in-between-workout sessions.  I am currently scanning the internet and pulling from many resources and will put together (and put into practice) some yoga moves and then post them tomorrow after I have tried them.

Muscle Spasms & High Blood Pressure

After a shower this morning and my chest pain was really digging in, I decided not to go to school and go straight to the accident and emergency.

After the doctor shocked me with his cold stethoscope to listen to my ticker and also took my blood pressure.  After consulting with another doctor he said that it may just be a muscle spasm that I am feeling.

My blood pressure was kind of high though; 145/93.  A healthy blood pressure for some one my age should be 120/80.

I brought along my workout folder with me to show him what I have been doing and he said that I need to calm down a bit and not go so hard so fast.  He was concerned that my new workout was too much for me with my blood pressure the way it is and suggested that I go back to a less intensive workout until I can get my blood pressure back to normal.

Then words that came out of his mouth that I didn’t want to hear……“What cardiovascular workout are you doing”


“None” I replied, and he suggested that I throw in some running or cycling into my program to help me get my blood pressure down.

I am currently trying to sell my exercise bike so I can buy a mountain bike but I have had no luck yet.  The exercise bike is a killer, the saddle is like a razor blade and the handlebars are vertical not horizontal, and they are awkwardly positioned to hurt my lower back (which I can’t afford to injure).  Let’s hope I can sell the execution bike soon.

I was thinking of doing Tae Bo, I saw a few workouts on  I’ll have to dig around and find some cardio workout for about 20 minutes that I can do on alternate days from my strength training workouts; until I can get a bike that is.

If anyone has some good ideas for a cardio workout that I can do at home, or maybe you want to donate $100 to my DoR bike fund ::joking!:: ha ha! 😉

But thank God that today’s news wasn’t that bad and my muscle spasm will go away eventually.  I will be changing a few things round on my workout for Wednesday (just until my BP goes down) and I will post it tomorrow.

Workout Update – Bulking Up

Strength training workout is going well, I can’t say the same about my cardio workout.  I am going to be intensifying my strength training program over the weekend so I can start Monday from a higher altitude.

I have been doing the same strength training workout for the passed what, coming up 3 and a half weeks (this Friday).  I feel this week that my muscles are already too use to the program.  Time to step it up a little.

No for the dreaded cardio ::shreak!:: I don’t have a worth while excuse for not doing this other than the exercise bike seat feels like a razor blade and currently I don’t have the cash to buy a mountain bike ::sniff, sniff:: 

I am going to build myself up to get on the razor blade starting on Tuesday and pushing through three sessions next week; doing my cardio workouts on alternate days (then at the end of the week lets see if I have any buttocks left to continue).

I am feeling a lot of changes in my body.  The fat around my stomach has really become softer (my wife can confirm this) and of course I am feeling new muscles that I never knew I had.  Also feeling much more energetic and loving life.

I am really optimistic about my progress and I know that I can continue to discipline myself and win my 100kg prize!