Workout Tweak: Taking Out All The Stops!

I am going to be giving my strength training workout a slight tweak this for this coming week.  Normally I would do a 5 second stretch between each exercise.  I do my workout 3 times and it takes me around 45 minutes, I am setting a goal of 30 minutes (still doing 3 circuits) but without any stretching in between.

The purpose of my stretching was to prevent any injuries; I will still have a light stretch before starting my workout.

I have read and heard it said many times that a 30 minute (intensive, without stopping) helps to build muscle quicker and melt away fat faster.  So that’s what I’m going to try this coming week.

Why It Will Work This Time

After many failed attempts to lose weight why am I so confident that it will work this time?  Let me show you what I have tried so far;

Starving Myself – This had an effect for such a short time.  This is what I didn’t know at the time; starving your self causes your body to eat away at your muscles for energy first before it even thinks about invading your fat store.  End results; I got so hungry that I had a food binge for a few days and put on more weight.

Slim-Fast – While on this I got results and started to loose the weight, but I was always hungry.  Following this kind of diet is not normal eating behavior and the way that you can succeed on this kind of diet is to follow it for the rest of your life. Once you step outside the program for a ‘little treat’, you are going to be rewarded in more than one way; maybe the hips, gut, etc.  This kind of diet will also normally end up causing you to binge as you are so hungry and your body is deprived of healthy food groups and proper nutrients.

The Juice Diet – On this diet you just drink juice (I forget what flavor I tried) all day long. This is (and I was) crazy! You will get hungry and end up binging and stacking on a load more weight.

Appetite Suppressant Pills – Now you can call me stupid for even trying these pills because I actually don’t have a big appetite, I just failed at eating the correct foods.  So these did nothing for me.

The Atkins Diet – fried sausages, fried eggs, fried bacon, fried ham, fired mushrooms, ……[into the future] ……..fairly big heart attack!  I am sorry if I offend anyone currently on the Atkins diet but this is the diet for real dummies (remember I tried it too, but that was then and this is now so you are the only dummy :P). You are setting yourself up for high cholesterol and heart problems.  Most likely you will not be able to stick this diet and you will come off it and once you touch carbohydrates you will balloon again!

And now, I am not on a diet.

I have educated myself about my body; our bodies are all different.  You need to find out about your body and how it reacts to food.  I found out about myself (after a few tests) that my body stores about 99% of my carbohydrate intake and that my metabolism is almost lifeless. (The most famous quote by obese people.)

With this I found out that if I build up my muscles this will resurrect my metabolism.  The carbohydrates issue, ok there are good & bad carbohydrates, you still need carbohydrates. Cutting them out completely will not help you in the long run.

This sent me on a quest that led me to the Abs Diet, which is really not a diet it is a healthy eating and workout plan. This program will teach you about food combinations that fuel muscle growth and burning fat.

This is how I know that I am going to succeed this time round.  I am constantly educating my self then I am initiating what I have learned and I am also evaluating my progress.

Educate + Initiate + Evaluate = Success!

Don’t try diets, what you should be trying to do have a complete lifestyle change; eating healthy and exercise.

Workout Update

I am really enjoying my strength training, this week I have pumped up to doing my circuit 3 times in one session (doing 3 sessions per week).

I wish I could say the same about my cardio.  Monday’s cardio didn’t happen in the morning (nor when I came home from work). I am determined to get into the cardio on the days when I am not strength training.  So tonight I am going to get to bed early to I can get up and steam roll my cardio!  (May the force be with you! ……because no one else will, ha ha!)

2nd Weight In Approaching

I look at Wednesday as the top of the hill; when it’s over the rest of the week is just down hill after that. I am a little nervous about my 2nd weigh in. I feel different, better, healthier…… but I am apprehensive about the results. My wife is good she has hid the measuring tape and scales from me, if not I’d be at them every day (and after every bomb drop, yuck!).

This is the first time I have pushed myself so hard. I guess I am very pessimistic due to a few factors; one my metabolism is near lifeless (the favorite sentence of all obese people) and I’m still haunted by the time when I fasted (for spiritual reasons) one whole week (8 days in fact) and I went for a 4 mile jog every morning with a friend. My intentions for fasting were not to lose weight, but after the 8 days I hopped on the scales and I had lost 1 lbs!

Well here’s to moving forward it’s still early days yet in my disciplined journey to a better and healthier life.

Broken Chairs and Big Muscles (yeah, right!)

You know what the cracking moment was for me to finally become serious and shelf all the fad diets and short cuts that would do more damage than good?

I was in class recently teaching and it was a Thursday, that means I have a full days teaching from 8am to 2pm. I was tired in my last class and although I don’t normally sit down, that day I was really tired. I sat down and took the weight off my feet and children were coming to me showing me their work and asking questions as usual.

Then all of a sudden (as if in slow motion) I felt the chair I was on moving to the side and then…..BOOM! ……I hit the deck!

I was on the ground for a few seconds but it felt like a life time. I said to myself “Oh God make all the kids take it easy on me!”

Then I stood up (big bright red face) and waited for the classes reaction (I teach grade 4 so they are about 9-10 years old). Then one girl piped up, “Wow Mr. Andrew broke the chair, he’s so strong, wooooohhaa!” Now it wasn’t sarcasm because Indonesians don’t know how to be sarcastic, especially when they are speaking English.

The class then seamed to agree with her and came out with similar responses. One little boy came up to me and squeezed my right bicep.

Inside I was still wanting to put my lip over my head and swallow, but their response was not what I expected. I said to God; “Thanks for that quick favor!” I left that class in bits inside, I instantly became chair-o-phobic standing in meetings or looking for a stronger chair.

It is around this time that I started to hit the internet, books, fitness trainers and really educate myself about how my body works and how I can lose weight; slowly, naturally and permanently.

This has to work, for my health, for my wife and son. And I just want to feel good about myself and feel energetic and not a lethargic plodder.

Well, here’s to the pain or discipline, here I come!!