Tuesday, Jan 29th – Not A Bother

I have a Peptic Ulcer that has been really bothering me a lot today but a part from that I did ok. I am really looking forward to my workout tomorrow 🙂 Well it’s 7:59pm here now in Indonesia and I want to be asleep at 8:30pm at the latest so I am energized for tomorrow.

Breakfast – oatmeal, peanut butter & hot low-fat milk

Snack 1 – raw carrot

Lunch – two slices of brown bread, 2 eggs, mayo & a thin-cut slice of cheese

Snack 2 – apple

Dinner – home made chicken soup (on the bone) with broccoli & carrot

Snack 3 – 2 mandarin oranges

Sunday, Jan 27th – Poor Daniel

My eating schedule was a little off today as my wee boy is sick. Yep little Daniel has a cold and some top teeth coming through. So I have bells and baby’s yells in my head. The poor little fella seems to be getting better though. Let’s hope and pray that tomorrow he’ll be better.

Breakfast – oatmeal, peanut butter & hot low-fat milk

Snack 1 – nothing

Lunch – two slices of whole meal bread, 2 eggs, a table spoonful of mayo & a thin-cut slice of cheese

Snack 2 – low-fat strawberry yogurt

Dinner – ayam kecap (chicken on the bone cooked in a soy sauce) with a big vegetable mix

Snack 3 – star fruit x2

Broken Chairs and Big Muscles (yeah, right!)

You know what the cracking moment was for me to finally become serious and shelf all the fad diets and short cuts that would do more damage than good?

I was in class recently teaching and it was a Thursday, that means I have a full days teaching from 8am to 2pm. I was tired in my last class and although I don’t normally sit down, that day I was really tired. I sat down and took the weight off my feet and children were coming to me showing me their work and asking questions as usual.

Then all of a sudden (as if in slow motion) I felt the chair I was on moving to the side and then…..BOOM! ……I hit the deck!

I was on the ground for a few seconds but it felt like a life time. I said to myself “Oh God make all the kids take it easy on me!”

Then I stood up (big bright red face) and waited for the classes reaction (I teach grade 4 so they are about 9-10 years old). Then one girl piped up, “Wow Mr. Andrew broke the chair, he’s so strong, wooooohhaa!” Now it wasn’t sarcasm because Indonesians don’t know how to be sarcastic, especially when they are speaking English.

The class then seamed to agree with her and came out with similar responses. One little boy came up to me and squeezed my right bicep.

Inside I was still wanting to put my lip over my head and swallow, but their response was not what I expected. I said to God; “Thanks for that quick favor!” I left that class in bits inside, I instantly became chair-o-phobic standing in meetings or looking for a stronger chair.

It is around this time that I started to hit the internet, books, fitness trainers and really educate myself about how my body works and how I can lose weight; slowly, naturally and permanently.

This has to work, for my health, for my wife and son. And I just want to feel good about myself and feel energetic and not a lethargic plodder.

Well, here’s to the pain or discipline, here I come!!

1st Weigh-in

Weight: 137 kg / 302 lbs / 21.5 st

Waste (57) divided by Hip (52) = 1.09

[As of the 4th of January 2008] 

My choice, before it’s too late!

I have been big all my life. As far back as I can remember I have stood out from the crowed due to my large size. I have faced many attempts to loose the weight but failed in all of them.

I am now 29 and I am getting ready for another attempt at fighting the fat, but there is a difference. Now I am armed with knowledge about my body, nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, muscle groups, metabolism, etc.

I have educated myself about loosing weight and how my body is made-up. Before I would jump on a bike and cycle for miles, and miles! I would lift weights for weeks, starve myself, follow fad diets, all accomplished nothing. Some of them even caused me to increase in weight.

Approaching 30, married to a beautiful woman and becoming a dad with a little 9 month old son; these are the things that have caused me to look harder into what the future holds for me.

With a BMI of 39.2 (49kg over weight) I could be in for a shocking and short future. I was told that I could have a heart attack in about 10 years time. Not to bright, huh?

So it’s time for action. It’s time for a choice. There are only two choices for me to make, the pain of discipline to live a healthy active life and lose weight gradually and consistently OR the pain or regret, and maybe be snuffed out of the rat race earlier than planned.

Discipline has a time span, but regret is relentless and chews away at us, maybe through until the next life too.

I want to choose the first choice, before it’s too late.

My little family and I