Workout Adjustments

I have made a few adjustments to my current workout. I need to be careful and not over do it as I have high PB at the moment.

Weighted Crunch (upper abs) 12x
Bent-Knee Pull In (lower abs) 12x
Double Crunch with Cross (oblique) 12x Raised-Leg Obliques Crunch (Obliques) 12x
Two-Point Bridge (transverse abdominis) 5x Back Extension – x12 (lower back
Superman (lower back) 12x
Squat with Side Raise (glutes & shoulders) 12x Squats with Dumbbells (Glutes) 12x
Pile Squat with Bicep Curl (hamstrings & biceps) 12x Pile Squat with Dumbbells (Hamstrings) 12x
Push Up (chest) 12x
Fly (chest)
Bench Press (chest)
Bent Over Flyes (back) 12x Bent-Arm Dumbbell Row (Back) 12x
Side Raises (Shoulders) 12x
Hammer Bicep Curl (Biceps) 12x
Tricep Dip (triceps) 12x

    My dumbbell weights are;

    one:9kg (19.8lbs)

    Both: 18kg (39.6lbs)

    Both dumbbells are used for all exercises except the Weighted Crunch and the Pile Squat with Dumbbells were one dumbbell was used.

    Muscle Spasms & High Blood Pressure

    After a shower this morning and my chest pain was really digging in, I decided not to go to school and go straight to the accident and emergency.

    After the doctor shocked me with his cold stethoscope to listen to my ticker and also took my blood pressure.  After consulting with another doctor he said that it may just be a muscle spasm that I am feeling.

    My blood pressure was kind of high though; 145/93.  A healthy blood pressure for some one my age should be 120/80.

    I brought along my workout folder with me to show him what I have been doing and he said that I need to calm down a bit and not go so hard so fast.  He was concerned that my new workout was too much for me with my blood pressure the way it is and suggested that I go back to a less intensive workout until I can get my blood pressure back to normal.

    Then words that came out of his mouth that I didn’t want to hear……“What cardiovascular workout are you doing”


    “None” I replied, and he suggested that I throw in some running or cycling into my program to help me get my blood pressure down.

    I am currently trying to sell my exercise bike so I can buy a mountain bike but I have had no luck yet.  The exercise bike is a killer, the saddle is like a razor blade and the handlebars are vertical not horizontal, and they are awkwardly positioned to hurt my lower back (which I can’t afford to injure).  Let’s hope I can sell the execution bike soon.

    I was thinking of doing Tae Bo, I saw a few workouts on  I’ll have to dig around and find some cardio workout for about 20 minutes that I can do on alternate days from my strength training workouts; until I can get a bike that is.

    If anyone has some good ideas for a cardio workout that I can do at home, or maybe you want to donate $100 to my DoR bike fund ::joking!:: ha ha! 😉

    But thank God that today’s news wasn’t that bad and my muscle spasm will go away eventually.  I will be changing a few things round on my workout for Wednesday (just until my BP goes down) and I will post it tomorrow.