Starting the workout; popping pills, pumping iron and exploding hearts

I am an English teacher in Indonesia (please don’t kill me for the mistakes I make on this blog), I see myself as very energetic in the classroom which tires me out.  And of course the heat over here saps the energy out of you, and the air con in the classrooms came out of the ark.

Ok those are my excuses for looking for a boost to start my workout.  So I took off to the mall and popped into *** and picked up some (expensive) pills; Hydroxycut Hardcore.  The first day I could feel them, they are very strong.  It helped give me that boost to start.

I came through the week being able to do my workouts in the morning @ 4am. I chose this time so I don’t eat into my family time in the evenings and also when I come home from school I am usually quite tired.

But by today I had to call it quite on these pills as they gave me; mood-swings, put up my blood pressure, the shakes, nausea and I found it hard to concentrate on anything.

And today it feels like my heart is going to explode; I am having stabbing chest pains (scary stuff).  So as of tomorrow I am going to put these off the shelf and try the natural approach.

Now I am not saying they don’t work, they do but the side affects are just to strong.