Indonesian Kerok: The Healing Is In The Blood!

On Monday last week I hurt my right shoulder and thought that it would be ok in a day or two. But on Friday evening it was still bothering me. Here in Indonesia there it a type of massage called “KEROK” that is said to heal muscular pain quicker than any modern treatment.

I am a real skeptic and like to have a laugh at some of the traditional things that they do over here, but on Saturday morning I had no pain and I now have to say “I’m a believer!”

Ok so how you give someone a Kerok massage is take a coin, one of the larger ones as the edges are not so thin and sharp. And then you score the area were you are having the pain, you have to add a bit of pressure. You keep scoring away until you burst the blood vessels around the painful muscle.

When the blood contacts with the muscle it helps to heal the cause of pain that you are having. As you can see in the photo Susan (my wife) has done it to my shoulder.


My wife is experienced and has been practicing this kind of massage since she was 12 (now 32), what I am trying to say is consult your doctor before you try anything like this.