5th Weigh-in: Surprising Results

I am happy with this 5th weigh-in; every step forward to my goal is a step away from a life of regret. My weight has changed but surprisingly my waist and hip measurements have not changed.

Weight losses for this weigh-in: 1.4kg (2.3lbs)

Waist loss: 0

Hip loss: 0

So I am having a nice rest this weekend and I am powered up for tomorrow’s workout, bright and early!

Cool Stretching Video

Here is quite a good stretching video that I found on You Tube.

It is very important to stretch before your workout to prevent injury.

Tomorrow’s Weigh-in & Tonight’s Love’n

I am a bit nervous about tomorrows weigh-in. I have to get it into my head that it’s not all about the scales, as I am building muscle. I am trying to keep motivated by the waist-to-hip ratio and I am wishing Feb 22nd would come quick for my next progress photo; my wife says that I will be surprised.

So for tomorrow’s workout I will up my reps to 12 again (still with the new dumbbell weight) and power through it in 30 minutes. I must remember to do my stretching before the workout. I always get so excited to get stuck into the workout that everything else gets lost.

I want to sell my exercise bike and buy a real bike, I can go onto in the neighborhood here which is safe and clan. There is a lot of waste ground that I could rip around on. I’ll get the word out and see if I can sell it quick.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all readers!

Susan and I are very tired and Daniel has funnily enough gone to sleep early…….so…….good night…….. Whooooooosh! ::GONE!::

3rd WEIGH-IN – Going Down Sir?

I am really happy about my 3rd weigh-in, lost another 2kgs (5lbs) and I lost 2 inches off my waste and another 2 inches from my hips. I am a happy chap today!

No pain of discipline then no gain!

Weight = 132kg (290lbs)

Waste = 54 & Hip = 50

54 / 50 = 1.08

Workout Review: Conqured Cardio

Yes! I tackled my cardio workout today and managed to slog my way through it. I don’t know what it is about cardio that I don’t like, maybe because I am on an exercise bike, I’d rather be out in the open. But then again I am living in the second largest city in Indonesia with a population over 3 million people. A city that never sleeps with petrol and diesel fumes racing into the air, I’m probably healthier and safer on my exercise bike.

Also the fuzz (cops) here are infamous for looking for ‘uang kopi’ (coffee money – AKA money on the side). I got stopped once for walking on the wrong side of the street, I’m serious. This brave PC Plod told me that I had to pay a fine as I had walked on the wrong side of the street. I brought it to his attention that there were about another thousand people walking on this side of the street. He made me wait there for about 45 minutes until a senior officer came on the scene and gave out to him for being such an idiot and let me go. I was glad that day I had a magazine with me.

Ok back to cardio. I managed only 10 minutes on the exercise bike this morning. I am determined to make 20 minutes on Thursday.

Revenge Of The Tummy Munches!

Oh no they are back! I have had the worst tummy munches today. I have had to put up a fight today, this has been the worst I have been since I have started my fat busting mission. My wife had to pry open my mouth to get a pillow out this morning; I was having a dream about ice cream! ::sigh::

And by lunch time I was thinking about Pizza Hut ::AAHHHH!!!!:: Hot melted cheese with ……. ::AAHHHH!!!!:: That’s one of the bad things about Indonesia, I can get an extra large Pizza Hut pizza with extra cheese, toppings and delivery costs for about £2.64 ($5) 😛 that’s just tempting me! How can I make a valid excuse that it’s too expensive. ::sigh:: And my helpful wife keeps humming the Pizza Hut tune from the commercial ::grrrr!::

I am resisting the urges too feed! ::sigh:: I hope I’ll reach the end of the day. I am going to sit down and watch a movie to pass the time away.

I have a big glass of ice cold water, so lets toast to scratchy hungry tummies and a good nights sleep.

Saturday, Jan 26th – AAAHHHHH!!!!

Breakfast – oatmeal, table spoonful of peanut butter & hot low-fat milk

Snack 1 – apple

Lunch – two slices of whole meal bread, 1 breast of chicken, mayo & a thin-cut slice of cheese

Snack 2 – low-fat blueberry yogurt

Dinner – Rendang (Indonesian beef stew) with mixed vegetables and rice (My once a week free meal)

Snack 3 – oatmeal, peanut butter & hot low-fat milk

Snack 4 – 1 star fruit

Ok and I am now going off to sew my lips together!!! ::cries::  

Friday, Jan 25th – Back To Normal

Breakfast – Oatmeal, whey, table spoonful of peanut butter & hot low-fat milk

Snack 1 – raw carrot

Lunch – Two slices of wholemeal bread, 2 boiled eggs, table spoonful of mayo & a thin-cut slice of cheese

Snack 2 – apple

Dinner – Omelet, 4 eggs, handful of mushrooms,  a thin-cut slice of cheese & 1 chicken breast

Snack 3 – 1 star fruit

Snack 4 – 1 Prune Yogurt

Thursday 24th – The Mouse’s Menu

Now I didn’t plan today to go like this it sort of just happened. Breakfast went well, left house without lunch and wallet, no time for dinner and then home too late to eat.

Breakfast – Oeatmeal, peanut butter & hot low-fat milk

Snack 1 – nothing

Lunch – apple (borrowed)

Snack 2 – nothing

Dinner – nothing

Snack 3 – coffee (no sugar)

Saturday 19th – Here’s What I Chewed Today

Breakfast – Oatmeal, whey, peanut butter and hot milk

Snack 1 – raw carrot

Lunch – Two wholemeal slices of bread, 1 breast of chicken, mayo & a thin-cut slice of cheese

Snack 2 – star fruit x2

Dinner – Two chicken breasts pan fried in olive oil (i’m aloud one fancy meal a week 😛 yummy!) and Kangkung (a green leaf vegetable from Indonesia)

Snack 3 – half a watermelon.