Workout Adjustments

I have made a few adjustments to my current workout. I need to be careful and not over do it as I have high PB at the moment.

Weighted Crunch (upper abs) 12x
Bent-Knee Pull In (lower abs) 12x
Double Crunch with Cross (oblique) 12x Raised-Leg Obliques Crunch (Obliques) 12x
Two-Point Bridge (transverse abdominis) 5x Back Extension – x12 (lower back
Superman (lower back) 12x
Squat with Side Raise (glutes & shoulders) 12x Squats with Dumbbells (Glutes) 12x
Pile Squat with Bicep Curl (hamstrings & biceps) 12x Pile Squat with Dumbbells (Hamstrings) 12x
Push Up (chest) 12x
Fly (chest)
Bench Press (chest)
Bent Over Flyes (back) 12x Bent-Arm Dumbbell Row (Back) 12x
Side Raises (Shoulders) 12x
Hammer Bicep Curl (Biceps) 12x
Tricep Dip (triceps) 12x

    My dumbbell weights are;

    one:9kg (19.8lbs)

    Both: 18kg (39.6lbs)

    Both dumbbells are used for all exercises except the Weighted Crunch and the Pile Squat with Dumbbells were one dumbbell was used.

    Iron Deficiency Solved

    I am a happy camper today, I came home with some extra weight (no I didn’t binge at Pizza Hut!).  I got myself 4x 1.25kg (2.75lbs) Kettler plates to solve my iron deficiency problem.

    So for next week I am packing on some more weight to give my muscles another rush, and keeping my overloading principle in motion.

    This is what I am currently pushing and pulling at 4am in the morning;


    1 dumbbell is a total = 6.5kg (14.3lbs).    2 dumbbells a total of 13kg (28.6lbs)

    Lets see what my new weights will be;


    1 dumbbell is a total = 9kg (19.8lbs).    2 dumbbells a total of  18kg (39.6lbs)

    I am looking forward to next weeks workout.  I’ll be brining my reps back down to 12 and still attempting to power through 3 circuits.

    So tonight and tomorrow will be big rest days for me so I can give it all I got on Monday morning.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.