You Have It, Then You Don’t

I woke up this morning and powered through my strength training collecting my thoughts and wondering which one to jump on and write up. After opening Yahoo News to sadly find that Heath Ledger had passed away yesterday; thoughts came rushing in about my own departure. What will it be like?

My doctor sat me down in December and said to me, “Andrew, you’ll be lucky if you see 40, if you don’t change your lifestyle and get fit.” That was a knock in the teeth. Now not a knock for me but for my wife and son. I am not afraid to die, I know where I am going when I die. (I’m a Christian, with strong faith that I’ll go to heaven when I die.)

I look at death not as the end but as separation; the spirit leaving the body. So in my mind death is not the end just a new phase in life.

The thing that worries me about dying is support for my family. I am currently the only bread winner in my family and if I pop my clogs then who’ll look after them.

Death is a mysterious thing and we don’t know when it will come, just make sure that your not sitting on the toilet when I does come. I believe that when I do get fit that will help add to my days, but that unseen high speeding bus will not add anything! 😛

Well I will pray for all you bloggers out there today that you are kept safe and we also pray for Heath’s family at this difficult time.


Saturday 19th – Here’s What I Chewed Today

Breakfast – Oatmeal, whey, peanut butter and hot milk

Snack 1 – raw carrot

Lunch – Two wholemeal slices of bread, 1 breast of chicken, mayo & a thin-cut slice of cheese

Snack 2 – star fruit x2

Dinner – Two chicken breasts pan fried in olive oil (i’m aloud one fancy meal a week 😛 yummy!) and Kangkung (a green leaf vegetable from Indonesia)

Snack 3 – half a watermelon.

2nd WEIGH-IN – I Have To Keep Saying, “slow but sure”

Ok my weigh-in results are;

Weight = 134kg / 295lbs / 21st (A loss of 3kg / 7lbs / half a stone)

Waste (56) (loss of 1 inch) & Hip (52) (loss of 1 inch)

W56 / H52 = 1.09 (but some of the numbers after the 9 are changing so I guess that’s a good sign 😛 )

Hey in my opinion it’s slow, but it’s still progress and I am a little closer to my goal. It is still early days and I am resting now and ready to hit the weights again on Monday!

The Night Before the Weigh-in, Burning Fat & Oatmeal

Tomorrow’s my first weigh-in after the initial weigh-in, I am looking forward to it and a bit apprehensive about it too.

It’s going to be ok, I have stuck well to my eating plan and I have been master of my strength training. I feel like I am getting addicted to the strength training, on my day’s off (for muscle recovery) I find myself missing pushing and burning through my workout.

What I am trying to achieve is weight loss, but my workouts (strength training) are not focused on burning fat they are focused on building up muscle. Lean muscle burns calories to keep going, the more muscles you have the more calories you’ll burn. Strength training is also powerful as you will keep on burning calories after you have finished training. Unlike cardio when you stop the calories stop burning too.

I can’t believe I was only finding this out, before I was tearing around on a bike and could not loose anything.

One of the other things that I have learnt since my quest for a healthy life is that there is a little powerful friend that we can have help us; enters Mr. Oatmeal.

Oatmeal is has so many benefits. Not only will it lower your cholesterol but a whole truck load of other goodies including keeping your blood sugar levels longer (so you won’t get hungry quickly again).

I love it, my mornings don’t feel complete without it. This is how I prepare it; I will boil some low-fat milk and then add my oatmeal to my bowl and then mix it with some whey. When the milk has boiled I just pour it over the top and mix it up good. And finally I add a table spoonful of peanut butter. Yummy!

Well its 8:30pm here now in Indonesia and I am going to spend some time with my wife and son before I go to bed (Getting good sleep is also very important, as your body needs time between workouts to recover and rebuild).

Well until tomorrow’s weigh in, goodnight!

Workout Update

I am really enjoying my strength training, this week I have pumped up to doing my circuit 3 times in one session (doing 3 sessions per week).

I wish I could say the same about my cardio.  Monday’s cardio didn’t happen in the morning (nor when I came home from work). I am determined to get into the cardio on the days when I am not strength training.  So tonight I am going to get to bed early to I can get up and steam roll my cardio!  (May the force be with you! ……because no one else will, ha ha!)

2nd Weight In Approaching

I look at Wednesday as the top of the hill; when it’s over the rest of the week is just down hill after that. I am a little nervous about my 2nd weigh in. I feel different, better, healthier…… but I am apprehensive about the results. My wife is good she has hid the measuring tape and scales from me, if not I’d be at them every day (and after every bomb drop, yuck!).

This is the first time I have pushed myself so hard. I guess I am very pessimistic due to a few factors; one my metabolism is near lifeless (the favorite sentence of all obese people) and I’m still haunted by the time when I fasted (for spiritual reasons) one whole week (8 days in fact) and I went for a 4 mile jog every morning with a friend. My intentions for fasting were not to lose weight, but after the 8 days I hopped on the scales and I had lost 1 lbs!

Well here’s to moving forward it’s still early days yet in my disciplined journey to a better and healthier life.

Tuesday 15th – Tummy Fighting Back!

Today was difficult, tummy was growling a lot today. I went a little off track but nothing to serious.

Breakfast – Quaker Oatmeal, whey, 1 table spoonful of peanut butter & hot low-fat milk.

Snack 1 – raw carrot

Lunch – Two slices of wholemeal bread, 2 boiled eggs, thin-cut slice of cheese, and a table spoonful of mayo

Snack 2 – apple

Dinner – Pork soup (on the bone)

Snack 3 – Oatmeal, 1 table spoonful of peanut butter & hot low-fat milk.

Snack 4 – Star Fruit (x2)