My Weigh In’s

It is very important to evaluate your progress. My goals are to build up muscles so that I can burn off more calories per day, so my workouts are mainly strength training. My strength training is total body; which means that I am working on my whole body I am not spot reducing (focusing on only one muscle/muscle group; even though I have nasty man boobs ::sniff, sniff::)

I will record my progress focusing on Waste to Hip ratio (using inches). This is measuring my waste and hips then dividing my waste by my hips.

E.g. Waste 57 / Hips 52 = 1.09

This is my current waste-to-hip ratio, which is really unhealthy. A good waste-to-hip should be about 0.92 or lower.

I am also going to be stating my weight too but remember that muscle weighs more than fat so this is not going to be a very good indicator for progress.


I am the blimp on the right.

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  1. Hey Andrew, what dates were your first & second weigh-ins? You may have this somewhere in your blog, but I’m too lazy to look around for it right now 😉

  2. Hi Steve, my 1st weigh-in was on the 4th of January (08) before I started this blog and the 2nd weigh-in was on the 19th of January (08).

    I will be weighing myself and calculating my waste-to-hip ratio every 2 weeks on a Friday.

    This Friday will be my 3rd weigh-in, so it’s all on for this week! 🙂

    Take care and powering forward!

  3. Holy crap, you lost 43 pounds in 15 days? Or is 134kg = 295 pounds? I think you transposed a number in your Current Stats section. Either way, that’s a great start. Stay strong!

  4. Hey thanks for spotting that one for me. Darn, that would have been a nice if it were true! I made a mistake, thats why I teach English and not maths. 😛

    From my first weigh-in (4th) until my last weigh-in (19th) I have lost; 3kg (7lbs)

    Take care,

  5. Wow, 7lbs in 2 weeks..thats a great start Andrew! Good for you, deciding it was time for a real change! Keep it up!


  6. Hi Josh, thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it! I have been changing my lifestyle of eating and exercise since Jan 11th (08) and have lost 13lbs in 5 weeks.

    My weekly goals are 2lbs per week. Losing weight too fast carry a danger that you could put it back on again, plus additional weight (and I don’t want that!!).

    Slow + healthy = permanent weight loss!

    Take care,

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