Cardio Resurrected: Tae Bo, Shadow Boxing & Invisible Skipping Ropes

Ok I have to say that I just finished a cardio workout that I actually enjoyed.  To start off I engaged in some Tae Bo which really got me in a sweat, but I think it would be better as an Abs Workout because it’s 1998 folks and I laughed hard!  This was ok, it got my heart pumping and my only difficulties were trying to do the left side of my body, I couldn’t keep in rhythm; arms and legs doing different things going in the opposite directions.  Have a look for yourself.

Next there was Shadow Boxing………er……… as I was indoors and there was no shadows, I imagined my old science teacher and then did 5 rounds with him.  It was kind of like the invisible man meets celebrity death match…… And I won, of course! Here is a crash corse in shadow boxing for you;

Then comes the invisible skipping rope (A.K.A Jumping on the spot), I felt quit silly and ….. er …. especially when I has holding cans of beans to represent the handles. (Thanks Slosh!). 

This cardio was fun and I need to go back and see the doctor again after seeing Billy Banks in skin tight shorts 😦

Workout Update – Bulking Up

Strength training workout is going well, I can’t say the same about my cardio workout.  I am going to be intensifying my strength training program over the weekend so I can start Monday from a higher altitude.

I have been doing the same strength training workout for the passed what, coming up 3 and a half weeks (this Friday).  I feel this week that my muscles are already too use to the program.  Time to step it up a little.

No for the dreaded cardio ::shreak!:: I don’t have a worth while excuse for not doing this other than the exercise bike seat feels like a razor blade and currently I don’t have the cash to buy a mountain bike ::sniff, sniff:: 

I am going to build myself up to get on the razor blade starting on Tuesday and pushing through three sessions next week; doing my cardio workouts on alternate days (then at the end of the week lets see if I have any buttocks left to continue).

I am feeling a lot of changes in my body.  The fat around my stomach has really become softer (my wife can confirm this) and of course I am feeling new muscles that I never knew I had.  Also feeling much more energetic and loving life.

I am really optimistic about my progress and I know that I can continue to discipline myself and win my 100kg prize!

Workout Update

I am really enjoying my strength training, this week I have pumped up to doing my circuit 3 times in one session (doing 3 sessions per week).

I wish I could say the same about my cardio.  Monday’s cardio didn’t happen in the morning (nor when I came home from work). I am determined to get into the cardio on the days when I am not strength training.  So tonight I am going to get to bed early to I can get up and steam roll my cardio!  (May the force be with you! ……because no one else will, ha ha!)