I’m Hungry, Mall Visit, I’m Hungry, Hard Work, I’m Hungry, Good Habits & I’m Still Hungry!

Today has been a bit of a struggle as I keep feeling hungry all the time. I eat and then after an hour or two I am hungry again. I took myself off to the mall to try and find some calipers so that I can measure my body fat. Muscle weighs more than fat so jumping on the scales is not giving any clear feedback.

After looking in 5 or 6 shops I was unsuccessful, I then tried going to Celebrity Fitness to see if they could help me work out my body fat; as much as I had expected they couldn’t help me as I would have to become a member first. I have had a bash at going to gyms in Indonesia and they were mostly all disasters.

In Indonesia I am called ‘bule’ (foreigner) and bule has lots of money (I wish), well that’s what most of the people here think. So going to the gym I get girls in tight gym gear falling in front of me or wanting me to show them how to work a machine (even though there are nearly 101 gym personnel ready to assist). Now you don’t have to tell me I ain’t no Tom Cruse but here bule = $$$ ::Ching, Ching:: and it’s very hard to get them to think differently. Now I am not saying that all Indonesian’s are like this. This is my experiences in gyms here in Indonesia.

So my little mall trip to find calipers was unsuccessful. As I was at the mall I got hungry and I passed by McD’s, A&W, PizzaHut and it wasn’t difficult. I have worked so hard at changing my lifestyle and all that food means nothing to me.

First of all getting up at 4am, I have always been a morning person (except when I’m not) but I had never got up at 4am before. I have developed this into a habit over the last 4 months and it’s not a struggle to get up.

Secondly my strength training workouts didn’t take off until I started doing them in the morning. Before I was trying to workout after work, I would come home tired and struggle through my program, some days not able to attempt anything. Doing my workout in the evenings was not working as I was unable to stay consistent.

My wife said to me one day “do your workouts in the mornings” and that was that. I am now consistent and I am developing it into a habit in my new lifestyle.  My muscles are clearly building up and my tummy consistency has changed from tough to a jelly like feel (my wife enjoyed discovering that).

I am not attracted to anything that is going to damage all the work that I have put in over the last 4 weeks. And I am still a long way from my goals and my life of discipline is just getting started.

Workout Review: 1st Time Doing Workout Two

That was tough to say the least. But my muscles were burning and sweat was lashing off me from everywhere (ugly thought, huh?). I’ll go through each exercise and give you the details;

Raised-Feet Crunch (Upper Abs) 12x = A little more tension on the abdominal area and that lovely burn came back.
Raised Knee-in (Lower Abs) 6x = My right hip was playing up during this exercise. There was a nipping feeling in my hip joint. Maybe just have to get my hips use to getting into this position.
Corkscrew (Obliques) 8x = One word for this DISASTER! I could hold my legs up, but pushing my big bulky frame up and then twisting it. I couldn’t keep any form for this exercise. I’ll keep trying it until the end of the week and then review myself again.
Swim (Lower Back) 10x = This went well, I felt more across my belt line than usual.
Squats with Dumbbells (Glutes) 12x = Yeah the going up part is a lot harder now than before. But all is good and glutes are burning.
Pile Squat with Dumbbells (Hamstrings) 12x = Just like the squats with dumbbells this is more effective and I can feel the extra tension.
Fly (Chest) 12x = Going good with the fly, this time I am doing my fly slower and I am feeling it burn!
Bench Press (Chest) 12x = Again just like the fly I am slowing down on this one and letting my chest muscles burn and it feels good.
Bent-Arm Dumbbell Row (Back) 12x = I really enjoyed this and I can really feel it in my shoulder blades. Awesome!
Side Raises (Shoulders) 12x = I need to work on this one. I am having difficulty pushing the weights up to shoulder hight, but I am going to keep pushing until I can.
Hammer Bicep Curl (Biceps) 12x = Excellent, not only am I feeling this in my biceps but I am now feeling it in my forearms.
Tricep Press Up (Triceps) 12x = Another tough one, but I managed to push this one through with good form and I can feel my muscles noticing the extra work on this one.


I managed to do this circuit twice this morning. I had to really push myself with this, not only because it was a new workout but also because I didn’t get a good sleep (my son is teething 🙂 so fun all round!).

I haven’t added any weights to my dumbbells; one dumbbell has two 2.5kg (5.5lbs) plates and then the bar is 1.5kg (3.3lbs).

So 1 dumbbell is a total = 6.5kg (14.3lbs).

I am lifting a total of 13kg (28.6lbs)

Home Abs Workout

Here is a cool abs workout that I found on the you know what tube that I’d like to share with you all. He’s a big bulky guy ::git!::

Workout Upgrade – Start Burnin’

So next week I am going to be stepping up my strength training workout. My muscles have already gotten use to my current workout so it’s time to start them burnin’ again!

Check out my workout upgrade;

Mon, Wed & Fri – Strength Training

  • Raised-Feet Crunch (Upper Abs) 12x
  • Raised Knee-in (Lower Abs) 6x
  • Corkscrew (Obliques) 8x
  • Swim (Lower Back) 10x
  • Squats with Dumbbells (Glutes) 12x
  • Pile Squat with Dumbbells (Hamstrings) 12x
  • Fly (Chest) 12x
  • Bench Press (Chest) 12x
  • Bent-Arm Dumbbell Row (Back) 12x
  • Side Raises (Shoulders) 12x
  • Hammer Bicep Curl (Biceps) 12x
  • Tricep Press Up (Triceps) 12x

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday – Cardio Interval Training

  • 20 minutes on an exercise bike; starting with a 2 minute average pace and then a 2 minute fast pace (this is one set); doing 5 sets.

NOTES:My blood pressure a lot better now, so that’s another reason to step things up (especially with my cardio). My goal with this new workout is to do three circuits each session. I am also wanting to push and get on top of my cardio workout as I only followed the cardio workout once since I have started this year. Sunday is my day off.

If anyone has any tips/suggestions for my workout please give me a comment, thanks!

Workout Update – Bulking Up

Strength training workout is going well, I can’t say the same about my cardio workout.  I am going to be intensifying my strength training program over the weekend so I can start Monday from a higher altitude.

I have been doing the same strength training workout for the passed what, coming up 3 and a half weeks (this Friday).  I feel this week that my muscles are already too use to the program.  Time to step it up a little.

No for the dreaded cardio ::shreak!:: I don’t have a worth while excuse for not doing this other than the exercise bike seat feels like a razor blade and currently I don’t have the cash to buy a mountain bike ::sniff, sniff:: 

I am going to build myself up to get on the razor blade starting on Tuesday and pushing through three sessions next week; doing my cardio workouts on alternate days (then at the end of the week lets see if I have any buttocks left to continue).

I am feeling a lot of changes in my body.  The fat around my stomach has really become softer (my wife can confirm this) and of course I am feeling new muscles that I never knew I had.  Also feeling much more energetic and loving life.

I am really optimistic about my progress and I know that I can continue to discipline myself and win my 100kg prize!